Sacred Craft

Sacred Craft

It is all about the surfboard; has always been about the surfboard. We at the Sacred Craft Consumer Surf Expo feel it is time to reassert that philosophy. To put the surfboard-and the modern-day kahunas who craft them-back at the forefront of surf culture. To place that influence, that importance, that responsibility, back in the hands of the artisans, surfers, and shapers who design our Sacred Crafts-and ultimately our future.

Gangster vs Skater, Guess Who Wins?

Kilian Martin: A Skate Illustration

Hailing from Spain, and known internationally as professional skateboarder creating an all new way to extend freestyle into the realm of street skating. His unique movements set him in a class of his own.



Daily Online Magazine for Music, Art, Action Sports, Adventure and Lifestyle.

X Games 17: Skateboard Vert Battle for Gold

Shaun White and Pierre-Luc Gagnon battle it out for Skateboard Vert Gold at X Games 17.

Shred Or Die

Shred Or Die

Shred Or Die is owned by Tony Hawk and is a leading interactive action sports and lifestyle website devoted to daily exclusive video content, as well as user generated videos. SOD also includes a vibrant online community where action sports athletes, fans and sponsors interact while sharing video and photos.


Custom skateboards, private label printing and blank skateboard decks.

DIY Skate

Free, printable ramp plans including kickers, grind boxes and ramps. Also includes how to make your own skateboard.


Even if you know nothing about building ramps, we can assure you that you will be able to build anything you want with our easy to follow Instructions. You’ll be able to build a Mini Ramp, Launch Ramp, Spine, Drop-In, and more.


Action sports videos.