Georgi Kay – Ipswich

Black n’ Blue Bowl

Bryan Ferry – The Jazz Age

If there was ever a musical icon and a decade destined to come together it is Bryan Ferry and the Roaring Twenties. The artist as creative powerhouse with a dazzling career of endless surprise, delight and innovation, and the decade – a time of modernity, decadence and bright young things – all driven on by the thrill of it all.

Tom Waits – Jockey Full of Bourbon

Fiona Apple – Every Single Night

Dave Brubeck – Take Five

Dave Brubeck, designated a “Living Legend” by the Library of Congress, continues to be one of the most active and popular musicians in both the jazz and classical worlds. With a career that spans over six decades, his experiments in odd time signatures, improvised counterpoint, polyrhythm and polytonality remain hallmarks of innovation.

Sesame Street – Some and None

Skinny Puppy – Addiction (In Solvent Seas)


The story of Descendants/All.

Skinny Puppy – Eurosolvent

Skinny Puppy - Eurosolvent

A free DVD bootleg from the fans for the fans. Not for sale. 100% free and fully downloadable. Recorded live at Diesel Club, Budapest, August 19, 2010. To all those who have asked about a DVD companion piece to the newest Skinny Puppy live album “Bootlegged, Broke and In Solvent Seas,” this is the answer.