Shoot now, focus later – instructions everyone can understand. With Lytro light field cameras, you get to focus on the moment, rather than focusing on your camera. Light field cameras will transcend your expectations with amazing new capabilities. Refocus, 3D, perspective shift, and incredible low-light sensitivity are just the beginning. Gone are the days of taking 50 shots to get one worth keeping. With a Lytro camera, simply snap once and focus later to get the picture you envisioned. Plus, there’s no shutter drag – no more missed moments because of your camera. Light field cameras let you take pictures that were never before possible – living pictures that let you see and share every dimension of your life’s memories. Lytro is bringing light field science out of the lab to make cameras everyone can use. Lytro will forever change the way you take and experience pictures.



BOXX a high performance computer solution company for 2D anmination, 3D animation, Game Development, Film, Broadcast, Architectural Visualization and Visual FX.

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The Awesomer is a daily blog covering awesome stuff including cool gadgets, fashion, fast cars, funny videos, movies, games and other awesome things.

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Mozilla Concept Series: Seabird

Vintage Synth Explorer

The Vintage Synth Explorer was established back in 1996 in order to provide a fast and easy way to learn about vintage synthesizers. This has grown to include modern digital and analog emulators, software synths, plug-ins, and other new types of synthesizers and samplers.


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